After 5 years of hard work all of a sudden my HTPC psu died.

Happily Cooler Master Benelux wanted to help my daughter and me out!

For a full report with pictures …  click read more 🙂

Oh Oh … No Bobo ..

Thanks CM BNL! 🙂


Daddy is happy with it too.

Finally time to replace the old cooler too with the one I got for helping with a casemodcontest

Sometimes building a pc without modding can be fun too 🙂

The package.

The power!

Used the bigger brother then the original fan.

Just a bit bigger 🙂

This is quite a coincidence … see how the heatsink fits next to the Blu-ray?

Specs can be found here. <-

The M2 420 in its place

Still love the logo.

And ready!

Teh Fanz.

Another view.

Htpc back in its place .. exiting moment now 🙂

First boot! I really had to put my head in the case to hear the fans 🙂
Mobo idle 30 – stressed 35
Cpu idle 35 – stressed 45

She wasn’t available for any comments ……..

Thanks a lot guys over at CM BNL HQ! 🙂
(Specially from Mardien)