As some of you know I’ve been busy a lot the last 13 months with our own company Red Harbinger.

12 months of re-designing and improving the ‘L3p D3sk’ to make it available for everyone and compatible with anything.



This week I received the first prototype at home to give it a complete check and test it….




I will also be doing a complete buildlog on this prototype on the Red Harbinger forums and all others I’m posting at. (Be sure to make an account! )

More info about this project can be found here. (And soon on the Red Harbinger forums)



All sponsors have been arranged to help us on this one 🙂

Thanks for supporting us !!!!!



Cpu & Watercooling parts

Watercooling parts

Psu & Fans

Gaming Gear

Extension Cables


Fancontroller & Switches

Red Harbinger