Finally my next build
This time not a scratch build, but a “normal” casemod.

Before i came in touch with the world of modding and watercooling i played a lot with HTPC’s
Back then i fell in love with all the cases of Origen AE.

Every time i was on their site, i just had to watch the topmodel.
I knew it was just too expensive for me, also personally i think the 12″ touchscreen is useless for an htpc.
But still … it looks so nice….

Because i won some prizes with “L3p D3sk” in the Coolermaster compo,
and because it was time to prepare my next build i took the step to go for the Origen S21T.
Also because i wanted to build something that is more easy to take to lans then my previous build ^^
Off course this all wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Freddy from
I have also chosen this case because i didn’t see it being modded much yet.

So it won’t become an Htpc but a real watercooled gamer pc !

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