Richard Keirsgieter and I were invited to build a liquidcooled rig on

the 4-day GameX event at the Nvidia booth in Istanbul – Turkey.

Here’s a little log 🙂

We were asked a few weeks in front so it was a lot of work figuring

out all parts needed.

And because of customs in Turkey we had to take all the

material with us in our suitcases.

The max was 30.0kg per suitcase.

So at the airport Richard and I had to switch some parts.

In the end we had 29.6kg and 29.8kg with us 🙂

When we arrived the first morning at the event.

Richard changing some colors of the booth on the fly with our spray paint.

Zulfu, Richard, me and Cantug.

I’m not a pro! lol

We both never had or did a 900D

Zulfu helping us out with the SSD’s

Took quite a few hours, love the result.

More thinking.

Corsair cable kits.

Swapping the wires.

Next morning we were the first at the event 🙂

So many people!

So many people outside waiting to get in they needed to call in

the police with shields, pepperspray and mercenaries 🙂

Row is endless.

Ecem .. the best coffee maker!

End of third day, filling it up.

The cosplayers from the Nvidia booth.

Had a great evening with Ozgur and Ersin!

Last day, some finishing details and cable management.

Not to forget, the Geforce Garage Badge!

With the limited time and preparation we had I don’t think it’s bad 🙂

Installing the OS and get it running!

A little thanks to Corsair 🙂


Intel i7 5960X

Asus X99 Deluxe

Asus STRIX GTX970 (3x)


Corsair Vengeance LPX 64GB (8x8GB) DDR4

Corsair Neutron Series XT 240GB (4x)

Corsair AX1500i

Corsair Obsidian 900D

Corsair SP120 LED Purple (14x)

Corsair SP140 LED Purple (1x)

Professional Individually sleeved DC Cable Kit, Type 3 (Generation 2), BLACK

Professional Individually sleeved DC Cable Kit, Type 3 (Generation 2), GREEN

Individually Sleeved 24pin ATX Cable (Generation 2), BLACK

Individually Sleeved 24pin ATX Cable (Generation 2), GREEN

Fully custom liquid cooled by EK Waterblocks

Primochill Custom Nvidia green liquid


I want to thank NVIDIA Turkey for this incredible experience!

And off course thanks for the support from

NVIDIA GeForce Garage, Corsair, EK Water Blocks, ASUS Turkey, Primochill and CONN Computers!