Growing with incredible speed, Red Harbinger cocks back its virtual fist and punches you right in the throat hole with innovative PC gear.
Born of an idea between creative tech wizards,Red Harbinger is the latest and greatest to hit the scene and promises to provide the absolute best in customized PC awesomeness.

The ingredients to make your own Red Harbinger are listed below:

Thomas R. Nunn – CEO and Commander
Peter Brands – Director of Design and Case Modder
Chuck Prill – Manufacturing Mastermind
Shawn Rabensburg – CTO and Wicked Weblord

Add healthy portions of Scott Bruins and Daniel G Ask and bake for 6 months at 300,000 Kelvin. Serve immediately.

To change the way people think about computers while simultaneously melting the faces of the mass general public with pure awesomeness.

Thomas –
Peter –
Shawn –