• Grounding Wire Clip Included
  • Oversized Work Area Allows All Parts To Be Laid Out Safely Making Installation Easier.
  • Surface Safe For ALL COMPONENTS Including PCB Boards, RAM, VGA Cards, and Expansion Cards.
  • Non Scratch Surface Keeps High Finish Parts and Side Panels From Blemish (aka liquid cooling radiators, custom mod parts, and Window Panels)
  • Easy Transport Carrying Box w/ Handle
  • Fan Spacing Chart From 40mm to 140mm
  • Inch and Millimeter Rulers For Handy Measurements
  • Snaps for Anti-static Strap and Ground are Now Moved to the Top For More Work Space.
  • 9 Easy Reference Guides Printed on Surface
  • ROHS Compliant


Size: Over 47″ x 23″
1200mm x 590mm x 2mm
Reference Guides: Tubing Size Chart
Fan Hole Spacing Chart
Radiator Size and Hole Spacing Chart
Vandal Switch Wiring Guide
PSU Connectors Overview
Tubing and Compression Fittings Compatibility Table
Socket Layout for AMD and Intel
Hard Disk Drive Spacing Diagram
Rulers in mm and Inches