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Raz3r D3sk

. . New project announced for 2013 :) Still gathering idea's! . . . . >> Raz3r D3sk << . . .

L3p – Parvum Systems S1.0

New small watercooled m-ATX build I'm currently doing in an acrylic Parvum Systems case. . . . . More info can be found >> here <<

L3p AlCu finished!

My first passive cooled build.   More info and pics can be found >>  here  << . . .

L3p D3sk Razerfreshment

After wasting my Logitech Illuminated I thought it was time for something else. . The gaming set D3sk always deserved 😛 . . Click ‘Read More’ for all unpacking photos!

Cross almost complete!

Just wanted to share these few photos and video. I think the RGB Leds look great :) . . Check out the buildlog on the Red Harbinger forums for more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zX-EH-k9C8

Cross build @ ASUS booth Firstlook 2012!

  Been a while since the last update :)   Here's the full buildog for Cross by Red Harbinger !! And .... the hardware and sponsors that will be used :)   Well ... the Cross build actually already had a nice spot on the ASUS booth on Firstlook 2012! Check out the full report here at the Red Harbinger forums! A picture from one

L3p D3sk – L3p L4n – Lady Cross posters

Created some posters to fill up the Cross build room. . I think they're awesome :D . . . . Click the images for full format pictures.

Cross by Red Harbinger

. As some of you know I’ve been busy a lot the last 13 months with our own company Red Harbinger. 12 months of re-designing and improving the ‘L3p D3sk’ to make it available for everyone and compatible with anything. .. . This week I received the first prototype at home to give it a complete check and test it…. . .

L3p L4n at Asus Product Launch Event 2012

Oh man I’m so proud! L4n isn’t completely finished yet … however Asus wanted to show it already on their Event. Video can be found here. More pictures over here. Thanks Rogier, Milan and Douwe!    

Cooler Master to the rescue!

After 5 years of hard work all of a sudden my HTPC psu died. Happily Cooler Master Benelux wanted to help my daughter and me out! For a full report with pictures …  click read more 🙂

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